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Currently showing in ABS-CBN-2 TV Channel in the Philippines is a soap opera titled “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” (“I’ll Love You Only Once”) about, well, all the usual dramatic themes of love and betrayal. To quote Wikipedia:

This is a story of two opposing worlds…two opposing families, bounded by lies, betrayals and shocking secrets. Alexander Del Tierro (Coco Martin) was born into a family with a strong military background, while Javier (Coco Martin) was raised in the mountain based community of the rebels. Soon after graduation from the military academy, and bent on proving himself to his stern grandfather, Alexander accepts deployment in the territory of the rebels. In one battle, Alexander and Javier come face to face in a life changing encounter. Are they long lost brothers or are they twins? Alexander and Javier enter into a pact, they decide to keep their meeting a secret and they soon embark on an investigation tracing their roots in pursuit of the truth of their real identities. They even switch places to get to know each other’s personal lives with the families they grew up in. But as they push much deeper into unfamiliar territory, the line between family and duty begins to blur. The truth that they wanted to realize becomes their worst nightmare, as it threatens to ruin everyone and everything that is important in their lives. Eventually, Alexander and Javier and their families will find themselves at the crossfire. Left with difficult choices, fulfillment of duty to the country or protection of ones family?